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Local Patient Participation Group Report 2015-16

All Saints Medical Centre PMS


This report covers all of the 6 components as set out in the PPG DES guidelines document

Component 1 - Develop a PRG and the description of a PRG

Practice has an established PRG

We would like to thank all our PRG members for their valuable time and contributions for the betterment of registered patient population for the past 4 years. The membership is open to all patients aged 16 and over. Their involvement is the same and above expectations from the beginning and would like to involve more and more. The membership is increasing slowly every year.

Description of the profile of the members of the PRG

There 6 PRG members in our group now, 2 joined in 2015-16 but 1 of them unable to continue due to health grounds. The active membership consists of 4 white, 1 African and 1 Asian. They are all very much interested to be part of PRG. 3 of them retired already who are registered to the practice for more than 20-25 years. They always would like to help the surgery to improve the services.

Details of the PRG members
Age Sex Ethnicity Relevant Social Factors
80 M British Indian Retired
75 M White British Retired
81 M White British Retired
25 - 34 F African Employed
61 F White British Employed
42 F White British Employed

The current format of the PRG is face to face. We meet on quarterly basis and always attended by at least 1 Doctor with the Practice Manager.

Steps taken to ensure that the PRG is representative

Practice population summary

The current Practice population is 5102 and the breakdown of the Age range is as below

Age Range Number of Patients
Under 5 457
5-15 726
15-25 560
25-35 792
35-45 762
45-55 716
55-65 524
65-75 327
75-85 183
>85 55
  < 5 5-15 15-25 25-35 35-45 45-55 55-65 65-75 75-85 > 85 Total
Male 226 355 261 339 365 374 267 158 86 19 2450 [48%]
Female 231 371 299 453 397 342 257 169 97 36 2652 [52%]
Total 457 726 560 792 762 716 524 327 183 55 5102

Practice Ethnicity Profile

Our population is always 50-50 Male and Female patients i.e., 2652 female and 2450 male patients predominantly with White population followed by Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Other EU nationalities, continental, etc.,

The practice has multi ethnic population with a recorded ethnicity of 99.85%. 43.2% of our registered population are White British, 17.61% are Black, 12.31% are Other Black background, 10.64% as other white / EU background, 11% Asian Origin comprising of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Continental, etc.,

Reasonable steps

As previous years, we continue to find ways to increase the membership and some success also achieved

  1. Face to face invites to join by the Doctors, Nurses, Receptionists and Practice Manager
  2. Poster in the waiting area and application form at reception desk
  3. Posters at community pharmacy notice boards and Verbal campaign by community pharmacists on the request of Practice manager.
  4. Online enrolment from our site
  5. New patient registration form [hard-copy] with a question ‘Would you be interested to join Patient Participation Group please?’ If yes, please contact Practice Manager
  6. Views also sought from housebound patients during home visits
  7. We’ll discuss with Midwives to include PPG membership forms with mum-to-be packs
  8. We have a dedicated PRG section on the practice website has details for the PRG, with an application form to join
  9. The website Online new patient registration forms will have a query ‘Would you be interested to join Patient Participation Group please?’
  10. In the waiting room, and clearly labelled is a ‘suggestions box’, where all people that attend the surgery can make suggestions
  11. We use FFT comments also to gain views of the services

Component 2 - Agree areas of priority with the PRG

Details of the steps taken to determine and reach agreement on the issues which had priority and sought the views of PRG to include in the survey

We invited PRG members to discuss and finalise the 2015-16 local practice survey. In discussion we have taken into consideration of Friends & Family Test comments, previous year i.e., 2014-15 comments, any relevant comments from complaints received for the past 2 years

The PRG and surgery agreed to include questions based on Opening Hours, appointment times, approach by clinicians during consultations, wait times to see a clinician, telephone answering, emergency appointments, Online facilities, Extended Hours availability, and free text comments / suggestions.

Clearly identified priority areas to include in the survey

  1. Opening Hours
  2. Appointment times availability
  3. Approach by clinicians during consultations
  4. Telephone answering by reception
  5. Emergency appointments availability
  6. Waiting times at reception to see Drs

Component 3 - Collate patient views through the use of a survey


The PRG authorised to distribute the final questionnaire so as to collect patients’ views during March16.

Local practice survey was undertaken at least once in 2015/16

Yes, during March2016 with the agreement of PRG

Survey questions are based on the priority areas agreed by the PRG

Yes, we had a discussion with PPG on the priority areas and the survey questions were based on priority areas as agreed by the PRG.

Practice informed PRG about the survey results and the assessment process was explained to the members

It was offered to all patients ‘checking in’ for appointments at reception. Additional copies were available in the reception area, with all clinicians as well.

We had a box in the waiting area for surveys to be posted in, but reception staff also took the returned completed questionnaires from patients.

During the same time of hard copy distribution, the online survey of same questionnaire opened to the patients at our website

Nearly half of the survey results were returned by the patients. All results input into the computer and a report created by the website management team for discussion with PRG members.

Surgery met with PRG on 29/3/16 to discuss the survey results and also discussed the findings.

Survey results and/or summary included in the report

Yes, click here to read (PDF, 422KB)

The assessment and other evidence supporting the credibility of the survey process should be included in the report of the practice results


As previous years, we used Neighbourhood Direct to collect and analyse the results so as to produce reports.

The PRG checked the report as against the survey hard copies to make sure the report is the true reflection of survey on the 29/3/16.

Component 4 - Provide PRG with opportunity to discuss survey findings

A meeting held on 29/3/16 mainly to discuss the survey findings. PRG members have gone through comments carefully to make final recommendations for action plan.

Details of the steps taken by the practice to provide an opportunity for the PRG to discuss the contents of the action plan

During a meeting on 10/3/16, it was decided to hold a meeting on 24/3/16 discuss the survey findings. Due to illness of one of the member, it was postponed to 29/3/16. A meeting has been arranged on 29/3/16 to discuss the local practice survey and FFT comments and also to seek agreement on action plan before making any significant changes to services.

The proposed changes won’t impact on contractual agreement with NHS England.

From the survey results,
-    The receptionists received ‘Excellent’ ratings from Majority of the patients
-    Surgery times, Drs, Nurses, ability to book appointments, same day emergency appointments booking all received Good and Excellent ratings mostly.

From last year, as advised by PPG we included gender and age group capturing in the survey to gauge age based response and gender based responses.

Component 5 - Agree action plan with the PRG and seek PRG agreement to implementing changes

The action plan agreed on 29/3/16 and to implement it from 11/4/16. The details of action plan and the timeline for implementation of the action plan also decided in the same meeting as below.

Action plan table

Issues and priorities to be addressed Planned
Lead Person Timescale Progress
What How Who When Outcome
Increasing the emergency on the day bookable appointments Implementing in Vision and updating all staff Practice Manager 11/4/16  
More visible patient communications for PATIENT ONLINE SERVICES by Posters, surgery leaflet and site Practice Manager 11/4/16  
Information about early Doctors appointments and later nurse appointments
by Posters, surgery leaflet and website Practice Manager 11/4/16  

Component 6 - Publishing the PPG report

The full PPG report published by 31/3/16 in the practice website

Update on action plan from previous year

Issues and priorities to be addressed Planned
Lead Person Timescale Progress
What How Who When Outcome
Greater Level of communication
to the patients
by waiting area posters, surgery
leaflet and Online
Practice Manager 1/May/15 Yes, Implemented
Allowing Saturday prescription script collection on request by waiting area posters, surgery
leaflet and Online
Practice Manager 1/May/15 Yes, Implemented
Writing the information if any clinic running late White board at the waiting area Practice Manager 1/May/15 Yes, Implemented
Online request for medications Through site and Vision INPS clinical system Practice Manager 1/May/15 Yes, Implemented

Progress on the key actions identified with the PRG are updated as needed in the practice website and leaflet

Practice website - Yes by May 2016
Practice leaflet - Yes by June 2016

The information on actions taken and subsequent achievement are directly linked to the feedback from patients


The opening hours of the practice premises AND the method of obtaining access to services throughout the core hours are included in the published report

Patient Access to services
Patients can call the surgery Monday to Friday 8.00 AM to 6.30PM on 0208 854 3964 and 0208 316 8110 or in person or fax (0208 317 8512)

The surgery Reception /Opening times are
Monday – Friday 8.00AM – 630PM

Extended Hours [Drs Only]
Reception times on Saturdays: 830AM – 12PM

Dr Anna Pentcheva-Lee Saturdays: 840AM – 1130AM
Dr C M Raju Chinduluri Saturdays: 9AM – 12PM [During Dr Anna Lee’s Annual leave]


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