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Health and Social Care Information Centre

The Health and Social Care Information Centre is a ground-breaking data, information and technology resource for the health and care system and plays a fundamental role in driving better care, better services and better outcomes for patients. It is the trusted source of authoritative data and information relating to health and care. It supports the delivery of IT infrastructure, information systems and standards to ensure information flows efficiently and securely across the health and social care system to improve patient outcomes. Every now and then from September’13, audits of various diseases will be carried out by HSCIC & its research organisations.

To improve the quality of patient care by enabling NHS organisations to

   -  compare their outcomes of care with similar NHS organisations

   -  identify and share best practice

   -  identify gaps or shortfalls in Commissioning services.

This GP surgery takes part in the audits, which has been set up to improve the care of people.

Information gathered about your diseases / problems and how it is treated enables us to measure the quality of your care and that helps us to improve the services we provide.

Reports based on any Audit data are made to your doctors to help them improve care here. The reports show how different areas compare which helps to improve standards of care nationally. So, information about your care and treatment is important, and will be collected during your hospital visits.

What is clinical audit?

A clinical Audit is an excellent way of improving patient care. Audits monitor the standard of care received by patients and record information on treatment. Any national clinical Audit which measures trust performance against national and professional standards and plans to provide regular feedback to health professionals. This information enables individual trusts to review their performance against national standards and focus on areas where they can make improvements to patient care.

What do we collect?

The Audit extracts care and treatment information throughout England to look at the quality of care trusts provide. The information collected will help to

   -  Identify differences in quality of care and provision of services throughout England.

   -  Make recommendations to healthcare providers on the provision of services and best practice

   -  Identify if trusts are following national and professional guidelines.

In order to monitor standards of care, the Audit collects the following personal data items - NHS
number, date of birth, sex and postcode An NHS number is a unique number which allows us to track the care a particular patient receives and link their data to other national datasets, which provide further information about their care and outcomes of care. The annual reports produced by the audits do not contain NHS numbers or other information that can be used to identify anyone. The Health and Social Care Information Centre follows strict Information Governance rules to safeguard patient information.

Information about your care that we will collect includes,

   -  The diagnosis.

   -  The results of any tests.

   -  Whether you have been prescribed any medication, and what type.

   -  Whether you have had any assessments or treatments.

Keeping your information safe

It’s really important that we take good care of the Audit information. The Audit information is securely stored and protected by firewall and intruder detection software that stops anyone getting access who is not part of the audit.

The Audit will only use the least amount of information possible related to your treatment. For example, we will use NHS number and patient name to make sure that we have the right information. Once we have used this information all the parts that might be identifiable are destroyed. Our analysts will not see anything that might identify you and nothing that identifies individual patients will be included in our reports.

What to do if you do not want to take part?

If you do not want your information to be used then please tell the people who are treating you. Your GP can make a note on your electronic record to make sure that your information isn’t collected by the audit. In hospital services, your doctor or nurse will be able to note that you do not want to participate and your data will not be uploaded. Not taking part in the Audit this will not affect your treatment in any way.

Opt out form

Click here to download the form to opt out. Please return the completed form to the surgery.


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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!